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  • We pursue quality. excellence and craftmanship.
  • We are responsible, accountable, and answerable for the impact of our actions.
  • We are member, affiliated and bonded to a family or group.

The AJAT Story

Space for new ideas and brilliant teams

The story starts back in 1994 in the city of Kolding in Denmark when two entrepreneurs who wanted to change the student market and strengthen traditions by giving the student hat a modern and new life through personal customization, started their company together. Almost a decade later, three entrepreneurs had almost the same vision, but from a Swedish perspective. Several years later the entrepreneurs from Denmark and Sweden decided to create Scandinavians largest union around the student segment to find a space were they could use all of their experience of customization and customer insights to help other companies on the same journey to grow thru customization. AJAT is now formed and is market leader together with their holdings within the Nordics. What the future will bring, no one can tell, but one thing we know; Their engagement, passion and motivation will never stop and will always be part of the DNA within the company and always reflect in satisfied customers.

No Compromises

Your success is built on the fact that you refuse to compromise. Whether it be customer satisfaction, growing your market reach or developing the best teams, you stand firm in that you should never settle. In order to truly be pioneers, you must always set your sights far and wide and your pace relentless.

Our vision

Our vision is to Evolve with the world and stay young.

Our mission

We want to reach our vision by Building top tier teams to pioneer markets.

What we do

We Develop personalized product experiences and services without compromise.

Work with us

Do you also want to work at one of Scandinavians best workplaces according to Great Place to Work?


Are you the one we are looking for?

We are always looking for new investments to help companies to new heights thru personalized products and service without compromise.

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With the right idea, mindset and the right resources, you know that anything is possible.
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