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Longing for strong growth thru personalization?

We support true entrepreneurs with capital and operational expertise to become the next winner

We are always looking for new investments to help companies to new heights thru personalized products and services without compromise.

AJAT, a Danish investor focused on digitally enabled business models, that can be transformed and scaled thru personalization, primarily in the Nordics.

We are one of the market leaders in growth thru personalization having led investments of over SEK 200M (apx MEUR 20). We believe that what sets us apart is our market leading knowledge in personalization, know-how and knowledge share across our different investments.

We see ourselves rather as a partner in growth than solely a capital provider. We work closely with the management team and offer different support functions to help the management focus on the things that really matter and make a change.

What are we looking for?

AJAT, a space for new ideas and brilliant teams

Our investment criteria

Currently high customer engagement or high possibility to create it
Digital and scalable business model
Profitable with high gross margins
An open minded management
Large market potential
B2C market

Our value-add

Develop state of art technology within customization
Optimize marketing and brand building
Large scale personalized production
Data driven product development
Data driven HR development
B2C finance function

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With the right idea, mindset and the right resources Let’s see how we can work together.
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